Entering the world of Curioseety

Do you want to play football on a real lawn just a few steps from Brancacci Chapel in Florence? Are you a fan of Liberty but you have planned a trip to Rome and are you expecting only coliseums and ruins? Have you been advised not to go to Naples because it has no parks where to have a picnic? Well, Curioseety can achieve your dreams and defeat the clichés. 

Curioseety was born from the experience of four "free travellers” driven, around the world, by a single credo: to know the places outside the lines thanks to the people who inhabit them.

  • Travel like a local !
  • People, not just places...

So what's Curioseety ? An innovative web platform that promotes curious travelling around Italy, to preserve and share the immense artistic, cultural and natural heritage of our country. 

Stay Curious!

Curioseety is a "curious" portal. Even in its structure: on the one hand it gathers certified local guides; on the other it offers "free travellers", coming from every part of the world, a chance to discover with a real local guide the Italian beauty, otherwise unattainable. In a simple, personalized and enjoyable new way.

How it works

Curioseety is a portal, reliable for its community, in which travellers, from all over the world, can discover and book unique tours, in every part of Italy, online or from their smart-phone. 

The "free traveller" can create his/her own free profile gaining access to endless trails and itineraries to choose from. To help navigating, tours are divided according to different thematic areas (such as Food & Wine, Adventure, etc.) and / or geographic locations. Finally, the user will book in complete safety and security through PayPal and all major credit cards.

Curioseety is the first portal in Italy that offers a "toursharing"!

You just have to select "Open Tour" when booking your itinerary and you will share it with other travelers. This is not the usual touristic trip, but small groups united by an interest. Here the benefits: cost savings, meeting men and women of the place, connecting with people from all over the world.

There are 5 good reasons to join our community:

To have access to an unlimited and constantly evolving offer of tours

 To connect with local people and make new friends from all over the world

To discover the secrets of the most fascinating places in Italy with passionate local guides

To experience off-track and non-conventional itineraries

To rely on a secure and safe booking system thanks to Paypal