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Parma Ham Tasting Tour

Parma, Parma (Emilia romagna)
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11:00 - 13:00

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If reincarnation ever becomes an option, pray you come back as a Parmesan !

Where else do you lunch fresh-from-the-attic prosciutto and aged parmigiano reggiano, taste full-bodied Sangiovese wine in art-nouveau cafes, and spend sultry summer evenings listening to classical music in architecturally dramatic opera houses ?

The secret of Parma Ham begins with a careful and accurate selection of the pigs adn their diet. You will visit a small organic farm, meeting the producer himself. You will see where the fresh haunches are selected an salted. You will have access to the factory and will learn the secrets of producing gourmet Parma Ham.

You will visit the cooling, salting and “resting” rooms, each emulating the traditional winter to spring curing seasons.

Best of all you visit the cellar branding areas, most of the time unaccessible to the public, in which the “Naso” or master nose use to decipher the perfume of the perfect products for the ultimate fire branding of the twin crowns of Parma Ham – fit for the tables of the top restaurants of Parma, Italy and the World.

Get ready for an unforgettable tasting experience in Parma !

  • Visit a Parma Ham producer and the learn the secrets of his production ! Taste some cold cuts combined with local wine and enjoy the visit at the farm !
  • Tasting of ham and other cold cuts accompanied by local wine. Transportation is included. The farm is easily reachable from Parma ( 15 minutes by car).
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