Simonetta (November '15)

Cooking class in Cortona with Simonetta

Cortona, Arezzo (Toscana)
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Min 2 / Max 6


10:30 - 13:30

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Simonetta introduces you to her kitchen, full of books, spices, jars full of dried fruit..........and naturally with her pots and pans hanging from the wall, because there is no room left. Cooking courses are a full immersion in her lifestyle, a mix of food and culture, but also of practicality. Learn to make dishes which you can easily reproduce at your home, and you will amaze yourselves creating ravioli, fresh pasta, gnocchi, pizza...

Simonetta will teach you the simple but important tricks of everyday cooking, such as how to substitute an ingredient at the last moment, but what really counts is to have a passion for food....and some fresh herbs at hand.

 The dishes are those of traditional Tuscany, such as duck seasoned with wild fennel, meat ragout, pici, tagliatelle with tomato sauce, cantucci biscuits, but also Renaissance dishes, such as duck with orange sauce and carabaccia, taken to France by Caterina De Medici in the XVth century, and then gained popularity as the famous Soup à l'Oignon.

Included are the classic dishes of Italian cooking, such as Pizza, Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Ravioli, potato Gnocchi, stockfish salad, and many more!

Participants can be from one to a maximum of eight people, all working with the ingredients to create the final dish, all following the various steps and being allowed to taste ................. but above all we aim to have fun

After the cooking course comes the best time - to eat the food, and so “tutti a tavola”, together with a good glass of wine....

  • Hands on cooking class-Lunch or dinner-Wine tasting
  • The duration of the classes is around 3 hours, preparing at least 4 dishes. The lunch or dinner that follows the class is based on the dishes prepared.
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