For the Travellers


What is Curioseety?

Curioseety is an online community that brings together curious travellers with professional local guides, spread around Italy. You have two ways: you can find a tour by typing your favourite destination on search bar of our home page or you can find it in accordance with your interests and passions, by clicking on the relevant theme.

Who are the CuriousGuides?

Our local expert guides are passionate professionals that will help you to find and discover the secrets of our country through off the beaten path itineraries. All our guides have a professional license issued by the local autorities.

How can i book a tour and how prices are determined?

Curioseety is a free marketplace in which prices are determined directly by our guides. At the checkout, in order to book a tour, you will be asked to pay 10% of the total of the itinerary, while you will pay the remaining 90% to the guide, in cash, at the end of the tour.

Creating your account


How can i sign up?

Signing up is easy and entertaining, just click on the "SIGN UP" button on the top of the home page.

Do I Have To Have A Curioseety Account To Book A Tour?

If you don't have an account, you're welcome to browse the site and discover our amazing tours. However, if you want to book a tour on Curioseety, you must open an account.

I Forgot My Password. What Do I Do?

Click on the "LOGIN" button and then look for the "I Forgot my password" link.

How to Travel


How Do I Search For A Tour?

Our CuriousGuides offer their own itineraries in several cities and places of interest, spread around every corner of Italy. All you need to do is to type your favourite destination on search bar in order to find your next great travel experience ! You can also filter you search according to your interests. We show you photos of the routes, personal profiles of the guides and public reviews that help you make informed decisions when choosing your tour.

What kind of tours are there?

On Curioseety there are 2 types of tours:

Private Tour – here you will book a tour just for you and your family, friends or spouse. To book this type of tour you will pay the price set by the guide without connection to how many people will come (there is a limit set by the guide). The private tour is customizable. If you want to meet other travellers you can always open your tour and share the Curioseety experience.

Open Tour – here you will buy a ticket for the tour and join other’ like-minded people. The open tour will always have a specific date, time and meeting point. In case the Open Tour does not reach the minimum amount of people (as set by the guide) you will be contacted by the guide, at least two weeks before the event, in order to slighlty renogotiate the terms of the tour so that you can experience your itinerary.

What Type Of Tour Categories Can I Find On The Site?

The categories are chosen based on our traveler’s passions. If you are a foodie, artsy or into nature – we have great guides and tours waiting for you.

Here you will find our curioseety: Off-Track, History&Art, Nature, Sport, Music, Adventure, Shopping, Food&Wine.

How Do I Contact A Guide To Get More Information About The Tour?

Click the 'Contact me' button below the guide’s profile picture to send a message.

How Do I Know If There Is Availability For The Dates I Want?

You can see the guide’s calendar on the tour page.

How Do I Know The Exact Meeting Point Of The Tour?

Each tour page has a map with the location of the event. An exact address and directions are given only to guests with confirmed reservations.

Booking and payment


How Do I Book A Tour?

Click the 'Book Now' button on the tour’s page. You will be asked how many people will attend. To ask questions, you can send the guide a message. You can also tell the guide a bit about yourself.

You will then be asked to provide your payment information. You will only be charged if the guide confirms your booking request. Once this happens, a confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you within 24 hours.

How Soon Will A Guide Respond To My Booking Request?

The guide usually respond to your requests within 24 hours.

How Do I View Messages And Send Messages To Guides?

Click the 'CONTACT' button below the profile picture on the guide’s/tour’s profile page. You can access all messages between you and guides in your inbox. To open your inbox, click on the messages icon on your personal page.

How Do I Know When A Guide Has Accepted My Booking?

A message will be sent to your inbox notifying you that your booking has been accepted.

What Happens If My Booking Is Declined?

If your booking was declined, you can contact the guide to find out what happened. He or she may not have been able to cater to your needs. But don't get discouraged. Look for other tours in that location and passion. We promise you will find something special just for you! You can also contact us for assistance in booking or to get recommendations at [email protected]

How Can I Cancel My Tour?

We understand that sometimes plans change, and you may need to cancel your booking for an upcoming event. To cancel, please contact us at: [email protected] ASAP.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently support payments via PayPal or any major credit cards.

How Can I View A Receipt For My Booking?

Once a tour is confirmed, a receipt is sent to the email address you've provided.

Will I Need To Tip The Guide?

Tipping the guide is not required but many people choose to do so. If you feel that your guide went out of his way to provide you an excellent experience – you can tip him/her. Remember! The best way to show your appreciation of a host is to write a good review.

Your reservations


How do i book a tour with Curioseety?

To book a tour, press the"BOOK NOW" button on the reservation page. You will be asked to pay a 10% upfront in order to book your tour. You can use PayPal and the major credit cards. You will pay the remaining 90%, in cash,  to the guide at the end of the tour.

What's the difference between an Open and a Private Tour ?

Before booking, you will have the option to choose what type of tour do you want to experience. By clicking "Private Tour", you will reserve the tour for you, your family or friends, in accordance with  the maximum number of participants, as defined by the tour's page. On  the other side, if you want to share an itinerary with other travellers, making new friends, you will select "Open Tour". In this case the price is defined as "per person". You just have to select the number of participants coming with you and proceed with the check out. In case the tour does not reach the minimum number of people requested, you will be contacted by the guide at least two weeks before the event, in order to slightly renogotiate the terms of the tour so that you can experience your itinerary in Italy.

Is everything included in the price of the tour ?

For some itineraries you will incur in extra costs. For example, some guides might not include, in the price of the tour, museum tickets that will be bought directly the day of the tour. You will find all the details in the "Features" section of the tour. However, contact your guide for further informations.

Where Can I Find My Upcoming  Tours?

Information about all your past and future (reserved) tours is available on your dashboard. Access your dashboard then click "BOOKINGS".

What If A Guide Cancels An Event? Will I Receive A Refund?

If a guide will cancel an event already booked, we will fully refund your 10% reservation fee. Before doing so, however, we will propose you a similar tour in the very same location trying to make your day special in any case. You can decide whether to accept and continue with the alternative tour or to get back your reservation fee.

What Do I Do If I Can't Get In Touch With My Guide Before The Event Begins?

If you are unable to reach your guide via Curioseety's internal messaging system or email, call them directly. Your guide’s phone number has been sent to you via email.

If you can't reach your host by phone, contact Curioseety’s support. We will be happy to assist you.

What Should I Do If I Have Special Needs?

We recommend letting your guide know about your special need in advance. If you have difficulties walking, food allergies or any other special need – tell your guide! Don't worry about creating any awkward situations. Your guide will understand and should be happy to accommodate. Your health and safety are our number one priority.

What If I Can't Find The Meeting Point On Day Of The Tour?

Call your guide directly. Your guide’s phone number has been sent to you via email. If you can't reach your host by phone, contact Curioseety’s support. We will be happy to assist you



Once you have booked your tour, all you have to do is just to pack your luggage!

During your journey

We want you to live a fantastic experience! Enjoy the tour and the city of your host. If during your trip you encounter any problems, please speak with your guide. In most cases, is he/she the person who can help you better!

If the host can not solve the problem, please contact us.

After you journey

Write a review on your guide and its touring so that other travelers can learn from your experience. So choose your next destination and find your next great tour with Curioseety!

For the guides


what is Curioseety?

Curioseety is a community that brings together curious travelers with professional local guides, spread around Italy, based on mutual interests and passions.

Why Join The Curioseety Guide Community?

Curioseety gives you the opportunity to expose your expertise and skills directly to travellers from all around the world. Travellers using Curioseety are passionate about meeting local people and experiencing places in an authentic way so you get the chance to meet interesting people and share your unique cultural perspective while making money doing the things you love.

Who Can Be A Guide On Curioseety?

Are you a certified local guide and you like connecting with people?
Are you passionate about giving extraordinary tours?
Are you passionate about your home town/region and know a lot about it and its secrets?
If you are into one of the following: wine, food, art, history, archeology, hiking, biking, theatre, music, sport or any other field of interest – you are welcome to join Curioseety as a guide.

After you will finish your application – we will contact you and verify that you rock!

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Curioseety Guide?

Becoming a guide cost nothing! Yor profile is free and always will be!

How Is Pricing Determined On Curioseety?

As an open marketplace for guided tours, Curioseety’s platform lets guides determine the price for their offering. When a reservation is booked, we charge 10% service fee from the guide to cover the costs of running our online platform. If you are unsure of how much to charge for your offering, feel free to contact our team.

Signing up


Do I Need To Have An Account To Be A Guide?

Without an account, you can browse the site and discover our amazing guided tours and guides. However, in order to become a CuriousGuide, you must open an account. It's easy and it gives travelers a chance to get to know you and your tours.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just click on the 'Become a CuriousGuide' on the home page and either connect using your Facebook account or fill in your email address, and start describing yourself and your tours.

Do I Have To Fill Out All My Profile Information?

We strongly encourage you to fill out all of your profile information. This way, travellers exploring the site can get to know you better. And then they'll want to come on one of your tours! Be original and passionate when uploading your tours!

How Do I Edit My Profile?

Login and Click "Edit"

Why Curioseety?

Curioseety, first of all, is curiosity and desire to know and appreciate what Italy can offer, analyzed through an original and alternative point of view. Our itineraries are exciting and engaging, off the beaten paths of traditional tourism. We are not interested in mass tourism and we want to propose a more complex Italy, intimate and subjective, thanks to your personal point of view. Our users are travellers, not tourists!

Managing your profile


How Do I publish a tour?

Once you've created your account on Curioseety, you will go through a process where you will be asked for details about your tours. Try to be as descriptive as possible. This will help attract more travelers. You can create as many offerings as you wish. Become a guide today!

How Do I Determine The Price For My Tour?

Curioseety is an open marketplace. Your price is always up to you. However, we highly recommend starting with a lower price point. As you build your audience and collect favorable reviews, you can begin to increase the price of your offering. Just make sure your price reflects the value and quality of your offering.

Does My Offering Have To Have Photos?

Your offering must have at least one photo in order for it to appear. We strongly recommend taking the time to create photos that can help you promote your offering.

How Can I Edit My Offering?

Sign in then click "Tours"-----"Edit".

Can I Create More Than One Tour?

Absolutely! We highly recommend creating several tours with different categories and different price points.

Can I Remove An Offering From My Account?

Yes. But, is this really what you wanted to do? You can always un-publish it for now and think it over again. If you still wish to remove the offering, you can. Just make sure there are no booked events for that offering. If so, you will need to cancel the events first.