Our story

After years spent working in the financial industry in Milan, Federico Paleari realized that it was not his path in life so he decided to quit and bought a one way ticket to South America, hoping to find an answer to his quest.

Once in Brazil as a solo traveller, without local contacts, he realized it was difficult to find authentic experiences to live.
It takes a lot of time and energy to find cool local activities.

Brazil was really an amazing country but still he didn’t find what he was looking for.

Back in Milan, Federico finally had an enlightenment: combining his passion for travel helping people to ease their holiday experiences.

In 2015 he founded Curioseety, a platform that could help travelers to choose and live authentic activities.

He started with a focus on Italy, his native country, and then expanded to France , Spain, Greece and the rest of Europe.

The company today

Federico and his team of fellow travelers are passionate about knowing places uniquely from an insider’s local perspective.

During the 7 years in business, +500 local experts have provided +900 highly rated tours of unforgettable experiences to more than 25k travellers from all over the world.

Being like a local has included a variety of tours such as food and wine, art, nature, adventure, history and off-the-beaten-path activities in first and second cities.

Stay curious and see the world authentically with Curioseety!